Paddlin’ Madeline – canoeing an historic Midwest river trail

Here’s the Beta version slideshow of my 2011 paddle from St. Paul Minnesota to Madeline Island, Wisconsin along four rivers, three lakes (one real big one) and two, long historic portages. The final portage ultimately connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Gulf of Mexico. There’s a record of 12,000 years of trotting under canoes, swatting mosquitoes and echos of expletives in French, English, Dakota, Anishinabe and languages lost to time. “Click” the “more info” button on the slideshow. Then, explore my site to read about the history, the gear, and my experience on the trail.  Brew some “jo”, sit back and have a view.  I hope you enjoy it.

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2 Responses to Paddlin’ Madeline – canoeing an historic Midwest river trail

  1. Wow Corrie, that was really fun to watch! What a trip! Beautiful, difficult and adventurous for sure! You’re the man!

  2. coreymohan says:

    Terry – Thanks for the well wishes. You saw on the videos how many people chipped in to do the heavy lifting and shout “Huzzah” to get that craft launched, you included.

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