Greetings and Thanks for the Visit

The alluded Madeline is the largest of Wisconsin’s Apostle Islands off the Bayfield Peninsula in Lake Superior.

Now, you can’t hear the whine of the miter saw or see the sawdust flying but I’m hard at work on this site. Visit again on the 8th of January and see what I’ve got.  Amongst other fascinating tidbits, you’ll find out the answer to the frequently asked question,

What do generations of Native Americans (over many hundreds of years), Daniel Greysolon Sieur du Luth (in 1680), Michel Curot (in 1802), Henry Rowe Schoolcraft (in 1832), Joseph N. Nicollet (in 1837) all have in common with my wife, Lois (in 2009)?

Until then, poke around on the pages listed above and comment on what you’ve read. In the meantime, as a slight diversion, if it were 1925 you might be spinning this hit 78, Paddlin’ Madelin’ Home on your parlor Victrola.  Thanks Youtube. Corey

Whitey Kaufman’s Pennsylvania Serenaders, 1925

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5 Responses to Greetings and Thanks for the Visit

  1. Matt Howe says:

    Looking forward to more on your adventure. Let me know if you need a technology sidekick along for the paddle…

  2. David Janka says:

    Re: Corey’s brand-spanking-new Blog “A mad man, a Mad River canoe” Paddlin’ Madeline

    I couldn’t find anything on your blog on “spanking”. ??? I was definitely hoping for some erotic, or at least lewd, photos giving Madeline a paddling. ??

    Sounds very cool.
    Happy New Year from Alaska! David J

  3. coreymohan says:

    Mr. D,

    I thought you were chief editor for all “blue material”. CM

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