The First Photo Friday – Warmer Days on the St. Croix

Dalles on the St. Croix -near St. Croix Falls and Taylor's Falls

High Bridge - south of Marine on the St. Croix

St. Croix- left - Mississippi - right - NPS Scenic River

Minnesota- left Wisconsin- right

St. Croix - Wilderness Inquiry

St. Croix River Map Wikipedia

Logjam on the St. Croix - olden days - look closely! "THERE'S PEOPLE ON THEM LOGS, MA"

Watch This! Canadian Film Board project documenting survival skills – a la 1950’s – with a news-guy and a Native guide. Notice who does all the work. Great stuff. Sturgeon, build a fire, birch bark shelter and canoe, uh, oh, bear trouble, and….baby bunnies.  Wilderness Survival Canadian Film Board

Warmer days - St. Croix Backwater - Yours truly

See you next week. Corey

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