‘Round the Bend

We catch up with Mr. Mohan at the start of the big bend in  the St. Croix River. Right about here. He’s just slogged through the Kettle River Slough and had a tough day of heavy current. The Angels of Mercy (Dan and Elizabeth) (hereafter know as the AOM) pull him and the Elizabeth Pelagie (his Mad River canoe) (does it seem like there are a lot of parentheses in this post?) out of the water, dry him down and cart him off to a fine meal.

Corey eats food loaded with moisture.

He’d not got his land legs yet, in fact the AOM were a little worried about him when he tried to paddle his chair to the men’s room. Corey confessed to missing his little canoe and spoke of feeling married to the craft. Apparently she goes wherever he wills and never, ever talks back to him. Something that Lois person has not mastered.

The AOM didn’t stop there however. They took our intrepid traveler to a motel and spent the evening teaching him to play cribbage. (Elizabeth won.)

North-woods Cribbage Fest

The AOM dried out his boots with a hairdryer (probably in the interest of self-preservation.) (Rumor has it they are becoming noisome.) (Look it up.) And in the morning, they fed him breakfast,

This is actually Dan's breakfast but he sent half of it with Mr. Mohan.

and helped him back out into the current.

Elizabeth doing all the heavy work.

Movie Footage of the Post-Cribbage, Next Morning Launch – Dan is very funny so check it out!






Back in the Saddle Again

So has Corey Mohan gone around the bend? Not quite yet.

Corey and Friends

Thanks for listening,

Jingles for Corey

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2 Responses to ‘Round the Bend

  1. Noisesome boots, for sure. Corey himself was clean and squeaky, but his big bag o’ gear is gonna need a looooong airing out when he comes home!

  2. Tom Schneider says:

    Glad I met you on your way up the St. Croix. Big Fishtrap was a long rapids. I pushed the Necky down from Schoen to Riverside in two hours and got home just after 5 PM. Your day would have been longer, considering all of the rapids you would encounter today. Good luck with the remainder of the trip.

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