Photo Friday – Technique, Safety, and the Winter Pics

I’ve been spending time this week watching YouTube tutorials on paddling and white water solo canoe technique. There’s also plenty to consider about safety on the water. Short of pool time with a pro, it’s worth the viewing. If, like me, you’re an intermediate level canoeist and planning to paddle more challenging waters, there’s lot’s of room for improvement. February in the Great North provides limited opportunities to up your skill level so why not take paddle in hand and try some dry land practice. Be sure to keep your drapes closed or the neighbors might have yet one more thing to talk about. In addition, I’ve got some more photos of our February, 2007 trip along the canoe route.

Paddling Strokes Tutorial


The south shore of Lake Superior where the Bois Brule makes a grand entrance


On the Brule looking downstream - North, that is.

Summer place in Solon Springs, Wisconsin - on Upper St. Croix Lake



Almost there - Portage to the Brule from Upper St. Croix Lake










Looking South towards Upper St. Croix Lake



Whitewater Safety and Reading the River


Portage Portrait - Lois and Corey (looks like I could use nap)

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1 Response to Photo Friday – Technique, Safety, and the Winter Pics

  1. Geezer says:

    Corey thanks for the update and new things to ponder. But I’d like to point out the 1st big mistake on the site, do not ever post a picture of your self with someone much younger than you, and a hottie! God dingit Corey, a NAP? golley, buy some darn buriel insurance! She, (your sweetheart), is lookin far more enriched by the experience (hiking or whatever you are into there) than you. Sorry to say, (but glad to point it out)

    Just kidding, thanks for the great info, as we are coming to expect, with each entry you offer, over these last postings…. And ya, Lois is so much cuter than you. Please add photos of her liberally, throughout your blog entries!!! Paddle on Garth!!

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