A Warm Send-off Down a Cold River

May Day Canoe Enthusiasts

Paddlin’ to Madeline became a chilly reality on Sunday, May 1st, May Day. Merry-makers and well-wishers warmed the cockles of Mr. Mohan’s heart with food and warm drink, stories and good advice. Never did a voyage have such a genial beginning. All too soon it was time to hop into the newly christened “Elizabeth Pelagie” and begin the journey to La Pointe, Wisconsin.

Here’s Corey addressing the assembled pulchritude.

The speech in which Mr. Mohan quotes T. S. Elliot

More Folks out of Bed on a Cold Sunday Morn.

The Elizabeth Pelagie waiting to launch on Sunday, May 1st near the Sibley House in Mendota, MN


In just under five hours the “EP” and Pad2Mad found themselves on this little, mostly dry island just above Lock and Dam #2 near Hastings, MN.

WindyGooze Island, really windy and really goosey.

Please stay tuned for lots more, when the Faithful Pal Jingles figures out more of the vagaries of WordPress.

Keep your paddle in the water.


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4 Responses to A Warm Send-off Down a Cold River

  1. Mary P. Williams says:

    How long do you anticipate this trip will take? We had so much fun on Sunday, also, went down to Harriet Island to see you….I will email the pictures I took there.

    Neighbor Mary

    • coreymohan says:

      Mary, We’re thinking about a month here, so we’ll see you Memorial Day Weekend on Madeline?
      The royal “they” used to do it in eight (8) days but they had multiple paddlers.

  2. chris says:

    This is a great post, I live in s.w. mn myself and will be taking a trip down the Minnesota river this year, roughly 200 miles of river and I have yet to decide if I may continue on the Mississippi when I reach it. I’ve been doing a lot of research about the apostles lately and also plan a trip there this summer with the canoe. Great to meet you!

    • coreymohan says:

      Thanks for the note on the blog and trip. Sounds like you have a great paddle planned. Let me know if I can be a resource if needed.
      Regarding the Apostles, I did a lot of soul searching and research about safe paddling in an open canoe. I opted for a drysuit, a canoe cover and blow-up flotation – all just in case. I was expecting some cold water. Two or three weeks after I rounded the Ashland Penninsula, a young man died after dumping his canoe in the same general area. My choices were pricy but I decided it was worth it. I didn’t dump but conditions were certainly dicey at times.

      Keep me posted on your plans.

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