Sunrise, Sunset

Greetings friends. I’m starting Day 8 across from the mouth of the Sunrise River, Mile 70 or so on the St. Croix. Nicollet and company were here too on day 3 of their 1837 trip following this same route.

Camped here last night and waiting out thunderstorms at present. Here’s a few photos from yesterday as I made my way up from the old Never’s dam site. Thanks to everyone and best wishes. Corey. Oh, try to find the eagle!




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4 Responses to Sunrise, Sunset

  1. Hi Corey
    Hope you’re staying dry. Good luck with the trip, we’ll try to find you Thursday afternoon.
    D & E

  2. Trader Dave says:

    Go Corey, GO! Hope the hail missed you.

  3. mikeloosen, says:

    great trip your on

  4. mikeloosen, says:

    corey, i met you near danbury, by now you must have the upriver portion of your trip done, great job, keep following your dream Midwest Mountaineering can use you to present your trip at their fall or spring show talk to rod or rudy looking forward to your new postings

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