Over the river and through the locks …

…turn left at Prescott, up the St. Croix past Afton, Hudson, Stillwater, Marine, around the dam at St. Croix Falls (with Dave’s assistance), annoy a few beavers, catch some amazing sunsets, dine with friends, lurk in a campground biffy during a lightning storm, wear the skin off your palms and create a couple of righteous blisters, drop your camera in the water, depend on the kindness of strangers and take countless strokes with your paddle. That pretty much brings us up-to-date on the Pad2Mad Man but apparently, that is not good enough.

Mr. WaterTrails is demanding that I  create a photo-rich post and do it now! (The nieces and nephews don’t call him Uncle Cranky for nothing.) Well, I love that man of mine so I’m going to try again, spending countless hours on this most beautiful of days at my grimy computer. Here goes.

Liz and Kate with Gabe

Nicollet's Hydro Map, Corey is simply borrowing it.

Corey coming through Lock and Dam #2

First Blister

Hot coffee via Elizabeth and Cindie

Dave and Corey at St. Croix Falls.

Above the dam.

Skunk Cabbage

Companions for an evening.

Cleanliness is next to Bokonon



I’ve got to go, the lemon bars are burning. Thanks for looking.

Jingles for Corey

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2 Responses to Over the river and through the locks …

  1. Beautiful pictures Corey. Thanks for the update. Better weather is coming your way. So you’ll have to think of other excuses to lurk in the camp biffies!

  2. terry mcdaniel says:

    Corey, I love your photos. Looks like you’re doing well. Ouch on the blisters though.

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