On an island, just above the Snake River

Last noted location of Pad2Mad

Peepers peeping

Just above the Snake

Corey spent the evening sitting on his life jacket, just like Liz taught him to do, in an area with zero cover. Wild weather – Minnesota kept trying to push it off on Wisconsin and Wisconsin was lined up along the banks of the river saying bad things about gophers and telling the westerly state not to be sending their weather trash to them. When states start yelling at each other over weather boundaries you get a lot of noise and back-blow. But Pad2Mad is okay and on the river, headed upstream once more.

Pad2Mad escapes bad weather.

Thanks for listening,

Jingles, for Corey

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7 Responses to On an island, just above the Snake River

  1. Mary P. Williams says:

    You go, Corey! Looks like you are getting quite the tan. Hope you have your sunscreen with you. It would be great for you to give us your mileage…both totals and what you do each day. I would be even more impressed than I am already! Take care. Mary Wms

  2. Shawn says:

    So happy to hear he is still in one piece and not smashed under a downed tree.

  3. dale Wiehle says:

    O.K. I believe Corey is not chained up to Carol’s washing machine anymore. You’ll be done before we get up to Madeline Island.

    • carol clark says:

      we have him in between projectors shooting vistas of the river north – so even he thinks he is up there!

  4. Dan Carlson says:

    Holy Bat $#!@%,
    Them is big blisters. Hang on Dewey.

  5. Matt says:

    Corey, this is so great! Keep on paddling. Love to follow along. Wishing you great weather ahead!

  6. Miriam says:

    Stop eating your sunglasses! What’s wrong with your left eye? Oy!

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