Jingles is my Gal

Thanks Lois. You’re the best. Here’s a picture I hope you’ll like.

Clouds above the St. Croix flowage.

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5 Responses to Jingles is my Gal

  1. Polydore Vergil says:

    Larvaly, simply larvaly.

  2. Diane G says:

    Nice shot of those clouds. I wonder if you got as much rain as we did in the cities this (Saturday) morning. Sun is out now though. I hope those rapids on the Brule go OK.

  3. Ryan Rodgers says:

    I went from Solon to Saint Croix Falls over the 12th-17th, and was hoping to run into you. You weren’t at Riverside on the 14th, were you? It was a cold windy day and I saw a white canoe beached at the camp there. Anyway, good luck on the Brule. I’m enjoying following your trip, and wondered a few times while drifting downriver how awfully strenuous paddling upriver would be.

    My trip was for a photography project I’m doing on the river–check out website for river images. Thanks.

  4. Kevin Buzicky says:

    Good Morning Corey & Crew
    I met Corey last night for the first time at Roy’s Point Marina. It was fun talking to him and hearing his story. What an adventure! He is an inspiration to those (like me) who have dreams and keep letting lifes daily routine get in the way of living them. Congradulations on today’s finishing of the journey at LaPointe! Kevin Buzicky

  5. Jonathan Balk says:

    Corey, what a voyageur you are, you’ve made us old guys proud of your awesome accomplishment. Hopefully you’re having calm seas for the grand finale.

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