Mystery Photo Friday #3

Thanks everyone. We had lots of folks taking the Mystery Photo challenge. The patterning on this last salvo of entries was wider this time but still, many of you hit the target without any additional hints.


A couple of Sundays ago we surprised a few joggers on their early morning romps. But hey, this is Minnesota, and considering the warm temps, it may not have seemed that unusual to see a man with a canoe on his shoulders. Where were we? The arbor at Minnehaha Creek park? Several voted for that site. Overwhelmingly though, readers choose a more arty setting for those sculpted “gams” of mine.  Got it yet?  Security was nowhere in sight so we pranced around the garden looking for some “cherry” settings.

Does this one ring a bell?

Little did we know that the ice dam on our roof was already plotting the assault on my car windshield later that day. I was simply looking for a place to rest my canoe for a bit. Hey, where’s my paddle?

That’s right. It’s the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. This week’s winner of the coveted “cotton swabs” was chosen randomly from those who sent in the correct answer. Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of today’s post and “click” on the “Comment” button to leave this week’s answer. Better yet, Subscribe to the blog. The subscription tab is on the upper right hand side of the first page you see.  I post a couple of times each week about the upcoming canoe trip and when you subscribe you’ll get an email letting you know. You can do what I do and delete the ones you just don’t have the time to read. But here’s what you could be missing. On Monday’s post, (“What’s Brown and Sticky”) I wrote about our visit to Pig’s Eye, the Metro Wastewater Treatment Plant. Pretty highbrow stuff, needless to say. I’ve got a new feature, my own little “radio lab” where I interview historic characters along the river. Think Walter Brennan meets Bob and Ray or maybe a cross between “Little Big Man”, “Groundhog Day”, “His Girl Friday” and “Deliverance”.  Enough. Today’s winner is……….is……….. wait…one more picture first

Now I'm really stuck. "Officer, could you give me a hand here?"

Christine, of St. Paul. Congratulations. Your swabs await you.  Now here’s this week’s Mystery Photo. Read the caption!  Good luck, best wishes, thanks for checking in. Corey


Be healthy, happy, and specific and name the building I'm adjacent to. It's historic.


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13 Responses to Mystery Photo Friday #3

  1. Polydore Vergil says:

    The temple at Bangalore?

  2. Christine says:

    The Ramsey County Jail. I have not seen the inside yet.

    • coreymohan says:

      Christine, do have any upcoming plans to spend time there? I cant’s say yea or nay to your guess yet. As last week’s winner though, you should see those swabs sometime very soon. Corey

  3. carol says:

    I think it is either the jail on the river or the boathouse on rasberry island

  4. Lisa says:

    Greetings, Corey, I know where this is!!! I’m feeling rather proud and I’m feeling like an excited kid. So… I believe that you were standing beside the Mississippi River, across from Hariet Island, at Walnut and Mill Street in St. Paul, MN. I don’t know the name of the former mill(?) where you are standing. I hope that won’t take me out of the running. I’m running low on q-tips!

    • coreymohan says:


      Too early for me to say yea or nay to our contest players. On Friday, we’ll draw randomly from all those who sent in correct answers. But I will agree, it’s a hardship to run low on that item. Cotton swabs certainly do come in handy and really, what other product out there can perform those delicate functions. Good luck – Corey

  5. dale Wiehle says:

    I agree with Lisa. It’s part of the mill down off of Shepard road and Chesnut. Perhaps if one of us is the lucky winner we could share the cotton swabs. I’ll use one end and she can use the other. Seems fair to me

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Corey,
    Wow these are hard!!
    After much research and trip past the spot I have determined it is the Saint Paul Municipal Grain Terminal, also known as the head house.

    • coreymohan says:

      Elizabeth, I wondered who that was rubber-necking in downtown St. Paul. Hmmm? The Mystery will be resolved tomorrow so check back in it you can – Corey

      • Mia Kortebein says:

        The newest picture is of that water plant in St. Paul across from Shepard and the Science museum and those newer condos. send the cotton swabs!

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