Corey Takes a Cold Bath

If you only knew how long this took me to figure out I-Movie.  Master of the Medium?  I think not.  Finally, on Saturday, Lois and I motored out to Wisconsin looking for open water and a chance to work with some of the new gear.  My favorite, hands down, is the Stanfield Wool Unionsuit.  Forget the other stuff.  It’s made the old fashioned itchy-like way, up dere in Canada.  I found it from Bemidji Woolen Mills and there’s no doubt in my mind, I’ll be toasty warm wearing these.  Lots of other new stuff to play with too that I hope proves useful.  However, if I don’t have to test out the drysuit again, I’ll count myself fortunate.  All my plans to take you further up the St. Croix today in today’s post were for naught.  Like many fellows, not reading directions cost me in time.  Here’s one still from the movie. As long as I was so full of air I thought, “Why not?”   See you all soon.  Corey

"Ah yes. Where's my pipe and slippers?"

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9 Responses to Corey Takes a Cold Bath

  1. terry mcdaniel says:

    Good job Corey and Lois.
    You look pretty spiffy in that dry suit. You’re so brave to get out in that cold water and float around. Good to know that you can get back in your canoe. WHeeeeu !

    • coreymohan says:

      Terry, thanks for noticing. It’s a bit different look than my Dickie/Carhart knockoff pants, my ratty old wool sweater, and rubber boots from Fleet Farm (Fart and Flee). They have been my cold water protection – or non-protection – on every other trip to date.

  2. Diane Gamm says:

    Thanks for documenting your cold plunge tests!
    There’s something mighty suspicious about how fast you get back in the canoe (at about 4.5 minutes into the video). That clip looks similar to one earlier, only in reverse… How do you get back in the canoe, I wonder? Did you have to take the spray skirt off? Go back to shore? I’m more familiar with sea kayaks.

    • coreymohan says:

      HMMM Looked suspicious, did it? Don’t you think I have the core strength to muscle my way back up? A trick of the camera perhaps.
      Actually, I don’t think you get back in deep water- just swim for shore. I’ve heard of reaching over into the canoe, planting your hands palm down in the center and heaving. Also, you can devise a stirrup that drops from the other side and floats under the canoe, step in and up to tumble into the canoe. None too easy but I may be trying out the stirrup this weekend. Corey

  3. J. Geezer says:

    Hey Cory and Lois
    -Great fun to watch and hear your voices during your cold water day of adventure. Really fun!! Time is getting closer. Do you expect a crowd for the send off? If you publish the time and place I would sure like to be there.

    MTFBWU (May the Force be with you)

    • coreymohan says:

      J. Geezer,
      We had some fun that day. The date is still May 1st in the morning. I need to be sure the put-in spot won’t be closed due to high water. It’ll be Fort Snelling Sate Park or across the Minnesota by the Fairbault house or at Watergate Marina on the Mississippi near the confluence. I’ll nail it down soon and let you know. It would be lovely to have you there. Corey

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  5. Earl Johnson says:

    Looks like the Rum to me, but I don’t go up that way too often.

    Earl Johnson

    • coreymohan says:

      Earl, Thanks for reading the post. I’ll announce the location on Friday. All correct answers are put in the hopper and one is drawn for the grand prize – a box of cotton swabs. Check in Friday and see what happens. Corey

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