Kettle River Has Three Mouths

Greetings from St. Croix State Park. Paddled up from a lovely island campsite where the Kettle River Slough branches off the St. Croix on the MN side. This follows the toughest day yet, Wednesday, working my way up the fast running slough. Here are some photos of the last few days starting with my canoe storm shelter and the sky on the evening of the storm. Best wishes to all. Corey









I camped last night at mile marker 100.8 on the St. Croix. Yee Haw! Only 60 more to go until the Bois Brule portage. Thanks to everyone for your well-wishes.

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6 Responses to Kettle River Has Three Mouths

  1. Cindie Sinclair says:

    sure am thinking of you……me all warm in my house wearing my wool sweater and uggs. Imagining you by a campfire trying to stay warm in the cold mist – night coming on. brrrrrr. you’re a true explorer! Yee haw 100 miles!

  2. Deb Lane says:

    I am actually jealous-even considering the weather. How many people take the opportunity to dream about, plan for and actually embark on a taxing personal adventure?! I am grateful for the opportunity I had last Sept. to taste a bit of a Corey outdoors adventure-even considering the weather!! Wishing you dry air and sunshine in just the right proportions!

  3. Dave Furniss says:

    Many congratulations on breaking the 100-mile barrier. I heard something go “boom,” up north somewhere — now I know why. Wonderful photos. Keep your powder dry.

  4. P.K. says:

    Well done. Kerschbaum sends his best. Can’t believe how you are moving along (maybe doesn’t seem as fast to you) I will be looking forward to your book signing and will be proud to say I knew you when you were just a humble ukelele player. Go careful and take good notes. P.K.

  5. Pilling Babs says:

    Hey Corey -I just drove past St Croix lake and it was rocking and rolling -white caps and all -so I’ve ordered the winds to calm down before you get there -OK? And I just hiked part of the historic portage, damn I wish you were here today so I could help you. The divide is beautiful -look for the historical marker on county A before you start the trek, and check out the entries in the book at the top of the divide… You’ve been on my mind -constantly- way to go to follow your dream!!! Happy trails -XO- Babs

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