Hey Porter

What a very lucky man that Corey Mohan is. Not only does he get to take this historical and beauteous voyage, spending days and weeks swirling through some of the best scenery to be had, but when he needs a little help from his friends, they show up.

Dan C. and Jim M. after running the portage

When Corey put out a call for a portage party Dan and Jim responded by driving to Solon Springs Wisconsin, pulling Mr. Mohan off the water trail, feeding him a great supper and letting him sleep in a real, live bed. The next morning the three men and two dogs accomplished the St. Croix/Brule portage in near record time (that’s the truth, that is) and reinserted Corey into the next stage of his trip.

A shot taken two winters ago of the marker for the St. Croix/Brule Portage

Dan leads the way

Jim, not far behind

I’m sorry to say I have no photographic evidence that Corey carried anything. But surely he did – a small bag of crackers perhaps?

Grass Paddling

After realizing the beginning of the Brule was too teeny to paddle or pole, Corey got out and began to walk his way to Gitchgumee. As the river widened and he was able to paddle, Pad2Mad soon encountered the classic and peaceful Brule scenery.

Pointing tree

Big Snapper

Cedar Island

And then the not-so-peaceful Lenroot and Mays class three rapids.

This map shows the section of the Brule with the most whitewater

Looking back upstream during the portage around the rapids

More rapids

Here is a great guide to the Brule and other paddling rivers in Wisconsin.

After the rapids and some pretty heavy weather Corey thought he might be a few more miles from Superior – but as he rounded the next bend the great lake hove into sight. (I’ve always wanted to say something hove into sight. A lake can hove, can’t it?)

Pelagie at the mouth of the Brule

Corey after his hardest day of paddling, early morning, May 23

Corey tooled along the big lake, had lunch in Port Wing and continued on to Herbster. Look at these lovely photos of his evening there.

Pelagie just outside of Herbster, Wisconsin

Evening view, May 23rd, Herbster

Keep your fingers crossed for safe passage tomorrow, past the ice caves near Cornucopia.

Ice hanging on into May, this is just shy of Herbster

Thanks for listening,

Jingles for Corey

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27 Responses to Hey Porter

  1. Deb Lane says:

    WOW – I got tingles seeing that photo of the Big Lake! Congratulations!! What an accomplishment! You look so happy and proud! Can I use some more !!?? Sure!!
    WOW again!

  2. Deb Lane says:

    On second look – happy and proud and tired…. Good sleeping weather to you mate – wherever you be!

  3. dale Wiehle says:

    What a great image of the big lake. I need to take a hot shower and crawl into bed and dream of calm waters

  4. I love all of the horizontal photos. Just beautiful!
    And the rapids look pretty wild this time of year.
    And still ice on the big lake??? Wow! Mother nature is amazing!

    I still haven’t edited your launch party and you’ll probably be done with your paddle before I have a chance to get to it.

    Keep up the good work.

  5. Clayton says:

    Way to go, ol’ buddy.

  6. Julie Young says:

    Yay Corey!

    The shot of the mouth of the Brule is breathtaking.

  7. Yahoo! What a milestone, way to go, Corey. Coming into site of Superior must have felt extraordinary. We’re looking forward to seeing you this weekend. Next week we’ll start booking more Hula Pepper’s gigs!

  8. Ted Young says:

    WAY TO GO HERO COREY! Next thing you know you’ll be swimming the Hellespont or something. I thought I’d seen the Big Lake in so many memorable ways there was nowhere else to go but your shot from the mouth of the Brule is an all-time stopper. If you have time to respond, might you still be on the Island Thursday or Friday? We’ve had a near disaster here with a personal identity theft committed through our Visa card and are a little confused but would like to target for then if we can and if you’ll still be there. Where? And I still need to relate the monster legend. Ted and Dee Young

  9. Kate says:

    You made it to Superior Pa! Congratulations! Safe and sound. I had no worries of course.

  10. carol says:

    You’re a rare person to have friends to help you, and not be afraid to ask for help.
    I bet those crackers got heavy.
    We’re still in our mountain home watching the hills. It is QUIET here.

  11. I’m still worrying about that wild water on the river – I can’t believe you came through that. I think I better take another xanax before I think about crossing the shining big sea waters.

  12. Earl Johnson says:

    Congratulations on making it to the big lake. What a wonderful trip, and a major accomplishment that will be admired by many people.

  13. Tracy Ebmeyer says:

    Earl couldn’t have said it any better.

  14. Renee Bergeron says:

    Who-ever said, “be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid” must have had you, Jim and Dan in mind. Thank you for taking us all with you on your grand, bold adventure.

  15. Eric Mohring says:

    Repeat after me:

    “I may be crazy, but I’m never bored.”


  16. Naomi Silver says:

    Congratulations Corey! We are enjoying watching your trip from the confines of our home and laptops….where it is dry and warm and electrical. By the way, I think lakes hove all the time. Carry on friend!

  17. Diane Gamm says:

    Congratulations on getting to the big lake, Corey! Amazing how far you’ve paddled in 3 weeks. I can imagine how good it must have felt to first see the big lake after all the river miles you’ve put on. The photo brought back memories of paddling the Brule some years back, then camping at the mouth of the river…

  18. Gordon says:

    Congrats, Corey. Safe passage across!

    Looking forward to seeing you!

  19. Gary Powell says:

    I had some concern for you last weekend with the heavy weather coming your way. I tip my hat to you sir, jolly good show!

  20. Eric Hatling says:

    Yay! Corey! Congratulations! It’s all so very exciting and inspiring. Safe passage on Kitchi-gummi.

  21. Bonnie Jean says:

    Yikes! His bed was LIVE!! What what it made out of? Friends?

  22. mike muehlbach says:

    Are you coming back this way after you trap a few beavers?

  23. Robert Cullen says:

    Well the lake hove for you, and that’s good enough. Good show Corey! What a trip!

    Bob/Carol Cullen

  24. Brian Neil says:

    What?! What the hell are you gonna do next?! How ya gonna top this? Where are my slippers? Jeeves!

  25. Ted Young says:

    Yes, Naomi’s correct. Lakes do hove all the time, and in fact some of the best hoving is done by lakes. TY

  26. hilja njoes says:

    Bravo! i am in awe of this magnificent trip. Am so glad that Jim and
    Dan came when you asked for help. thank you for sharing those fabulous photos. we homebodies can share vicariously. continuing positive thoughts come from our household. hilja

  27. Carol Baierl says:

    OK, I am going to look up “hove”. I used to pride myself on my good vocabulary; it goes to show that one is never too old to learn. Or to paddle to Madeline πŸ™‚ Amazing job, Corey! Breathtaking is the right word, in this case.

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