Huzzah! Thursday, May 26th – 5:00 PM – La Pointe, Madeline Island



Thanks everyone. Your comments, best wishes and steadfast support made that final paddle stroke all the more sweet. Dale’s video and more fun pics to follow – in a bit. Corey and Lois

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26 Responses to Huzzah! Thursday, May 26th – 5:00 PM – La Pointe, Madeline Island

  1. Dan Carlson says:

    Congratulations. You made it. Four days on the big bad lake. Looks like a pool from my desk here. You, my friend, are an inspiration.

  2. Cindie Sinclair says:

    oooooeeeee! Congratulations – on your epic hero’s journey

  3. Tim Reese says:

    Vive’ la companie! Congrats Corey.

  4. Vaughn says:

    Bravo and well done old chap!! Inspiring.

  5. Sue Hulsether says:

    Way to Go Corey. Thanks for keeping us all inspired through your daring and bravery. And thanks for keeping us all posted, as well. Cheers to you!

  6. Clayton says:

    Glad to hear you made it safe and sound. It turns out, ironically, that your trip was less dangerous than playing on the clogger softball team. Way to go!

  7. We are relieved – and proud of you. We have an idea for your next outing – we think you should do Thor Heyerdahl’s trek on that little raft across the South Pacific. We’ll get some brochures about the details when we visit the museum in Oslo and you can start planning the trip. Ellen and Jim

  8. Beth T. says:

    That’s the update I’ve been waiting for! Congratulations. … so fun to follow along, Corey.

  9. Gary Powell says:

    Congratulations, oh intrepid trekker! Looking forward to hearing the stories.

  10. Julie Young says:

    Lolo, Ted, Dee and I are on our way up to Big Bay tomorrow (Sat.) Corey! Can’t wait to see you there!!! Congratulations! Julie

  11. Dan Becker says:

    I add my congratulations to all the others you have received for your impressive and estimable achievement! I wish I could tell you in person. I like the Thor Heyerdahl idea, or maybe you could look for the water route to San Francisco!

  12. Catherine says:

    Yay!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations Corey!
    Now turn around and paddle Madeline to Miami πŸ™‚
    No need for wet or dry suit, just a birthday suit to keep cool.

  13. Eric Hatling says:

    A hearty congratulations and many slaps on the back. A fantastic dream realized, you are awesome!

  14. Great job on the completion of your journey! Here’s a “pint n snort” to you!

  15. Mike McGinley says:

    Congratulations! I’ve been following your blog all along. Your trip inspires me. I live in Colorado now but I grew up in North Hudson, Wisconsin just a stones throw from the St Croix. The river was my playground and I canoed it from Solon Springs to Hudson a couple of times as a teenager. Your trip is epic though and I always dreamed of doing it. You’ve inspired me to sit down with my boys and plan it out

  16. Kristin Bolton says:

    Corey, you are amazing!!! Congrats on a wonderful trip and thanks for being an inspiration to all of us… you’re never too old to dream and it’s never too late to do it!

  17. Mary P. Williams says:

    I am most impressed, though, not surprised! Great job, well done by both you and Jingles! What is next?

    Neighbor Mary

  18. Linda Arts says:

    Hello again from the Herbster Campgound! Glad to see you arrived at your destination! WOW! You accomplished your goal! I was on my way to your campsite with a hot cup of coffee for you and then I noticed you were already halfway up the shoreline. Stop by again sometime. You are truly an inspiration!

    Linda and Tony Arts

  19. Cathy Mosher says:

    You paddlin’ wild man! My heart was in my throat the day you launched — but, what an amazing journey! I’m so proud of you, all of your inspiration, motivation, determination, perspiration, etc. Wish I could’ve been there when you arrived at Madeline. Congratulations!!

  20. babs pilling says:

    I’m a little late on the congrats here -I wish I could be 2 places at once to help you celebrate your feat to the island. I’m in Nashville, TN celebrating my brother’s 60th birthday, makes me think -what feat will I conquer before I turn 60? What an inspiration you are to all of us to follow our dreams, challenge ourselves, and communicate and share so well with family and friends that we all felt a part of your journey. XOXO to you and yours!

    • coreymohan says:

      Thanks everyone! We’re home drying gear, doing some laundry and not much else. I’m not making instant oatmeal, gagging down a power bar or stuffing a wet tent into a sack. In the next day or so I hope to post some of my favorite photos and memories from the last 4 days of the paddle. Hello to all my new friends from the trail and my pals who’ve been along for the journey from Day One. A big thank you and best wishes to all. Corey

  21. Carol Baierl says:

    Congratulations, Corey, although we are late with those. End-of-the-school year, and all. Max is following along, and he just asked me why you didn’t paddle your canoe back home. I explained it to him. πŸ™‚ He thought your adventure sounded like fun. I can see him doing that kind of thing someday. You will have to tell him what it was like in all of its reality. I asked the kids where they wanted to go this summer, and Max’s reply was “Madeline Island”. We will drive and take the ferry, I think. Spend some time basking in your accomplishment. And yes Lois, behind every great man, is a great woman. Or however that saying goes.

    • coreymohan says:

      Carol, Thanks. Having my friends follow along and paddle along – even from the home computer – made the trip so much more fun and meaningful – I was never lonely thanks to you and the rest of the gang. And you’re right about that Lois lady. I lucked out there. Check out Big Bay State Park on the world wide inter-web. That’s where we stayed once I got to the Island. Corey

  22. Carol Baierl says:

    Wow, that sounds like fun. πŸ™‚ I hope you will tell me about it.

    • coreymohan says:

      Max, You bet. I’ll tell you about the trip, especially about the wolf on the Brule river, and the porcupine and the two bears in the campground. But Madeline Island – what a great choice for a vacation.
      Next week I’ll do a post where you can see pictures that Lois and I took on the Island. They are of some of my favorite places. I hope we can see you soon. Corey

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