Mystery Photo Friday – And the Winner Is….

Is it true that “you were only waiting for this moment to arise?” Well, perhaps your whole week didn’t hinge on it. My, my, my, seven correct answers to last week’s mystery photo.  They all went into the grab bag and but I’m afraid only one can take home the big prize. Other guesses included the Minnesota State Capital, the Chapel at Stillwater Prison, the Metrodome, and U of M’s Northrup Auditorium.

Am I higher than the State Capital building?

Okay, it was… St. Paul’s own, St. Paul’s Cathedral. What are the odds of that?

Well, it ain't Notre Dame

It was a very cold Thursday when this photo was snapped. Lois endured frozen finger tips and potential jail time to get those images. We sure had fun with the contest and hope you did too. Oh yeah, the winner. Each name was placed in a dark container then I reached in and picked one. This week’s winner is….Carol of Bayport, MN.  Congratulations! Your Q-tips will be arriving soon.  Now, here’s a bit about the Twin Cities #2 most visited landmark (thanks for that fact from our most far-flung contest entrant, Nancy of Cordova, Alaska). Construction began in 1907 but it wasn’t until 1915 when the building was completed that the first mass was conducted.

Archbishop John Ireland

Archbishop, John Ireland, and catholic and architect, Emmanuel Louis Masquery are credited with having the vision for the grand building. On my recent tour of the historic home of railroad magnate, and “Empire Builder” James J Hill, our tour guide intimated that James was none to pleased with the building. His newly constructed mansion was but a long, stone’s throw away. Although he is often credited with funding it, Hill, a protestant, was less than enthusiastic about the construction noise and his compromised view. We were told that Hill offered Ireland 250,000 dollars to make it smaller. Fact or Lore?  It’s believed that Mary, his wife and a devoted catholic, was a major financial contributor – not James J. (Hill House tour staff)

I promised that this week’s photo would be a challenge. I hope you enjoy the chase. On Friday, I’ll include others taken on the same location. Until then, good luck. Next week, you’ll get a pig’s eye view of our metro area waste processing facility. Hold on to your seats – your Q-tips await you.

Mystery Photo Friday #2

If you hazard a guess, please scroll to the bottom of today’s post and “click”  the ” comment” button. These comments will be posted in time and your private data kept private.

See you next week – Corey

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17 Responses to Mystery Photo Friday – And the Winner Is….

  1. Christine says:

    This photo was taken at the Walker Sculpture garden.

    • coreymohan says:

      “Man, like that’s your opinion” – probable mis-quote from the Big Lebowski

      • coreymohan says:

        Here are some folks who replied by email to the contest.

        Laura of Mpls. Arbor at Minnehaha Regional Park, Ruth of Northfield, Mpls Sculpture Garden, Bob and Carol of Stillwater, Sculpture Garden, Deb of St. Paul, Arbor – Minnehaha Creeks Park, Julie of Minneapolis, Sculpture Garden, Dale of S. St. Paul, Sculpture Garden. Thanks for your comments.

  2. Eric Mohring says:

    Minnehaha park?

  3. Diane says:

    Oh, this is an easy one! The arbor on the north end of the Walker Sculpture Garden, one of my fav places in Mpls. Well, I’m like 90% sure; I’ve never seen anyone carrying a canoe under it. Hey what kind of contest is – can’t everyone see our “entries”? Diane

  4. terry mcdaniel says:

    What a fun idea with the photos of you and your canoe!
    The new one is of you standing under the clematis arch at the south end of the Mpls sculpture gardens.

    PS: Button up your coat and put some pants on brother, you look cold.

  5. Hiram Goldfarb says:

    Why does he wear those funny pants?

  6. Sue Kaufman says:

    Ok, I got this one and I got the email on Friday…. Back end of the sculpture garden, it looks totally different covered with snow instead of ivy. No gift needed, just recognition…. LOL

  7. Cindie Sinclair says:

    sculpture garden pergola is what I’m thinkin’

  8. Carl says:

    Walker Sculpture Garden, nice place. It’s fun walking out on the pond and climbing the cherry spoon

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