Off the Saint Croix and Onto the Brule, or Onwards and Downwards

Our Grizzled Paddler

Corey Mohan completed his uphill paddle on the St. Croix River late on Wednesday, May 18th. He’s hanging around in Solon Springs in order to meet some true and hearty friends who will help him run the portage to the beginning of the Brule. They will have time for stories and libations and then it’s a downhill push to the Great Inland Sea.

Here are photos from this last week of paddling on the St. Croix River. Corey recommends the experience to all, but he knows which direction he’d do it in next time, for sure.

Corey at Mile 125.5, about last Saturday.

The Spring Ephemerals have been stunning.


One of the many sets (?- why are they called sets) of rapids Corey strolled up with his little water pony.

Mike L., travelling in the opposite direction and doing a one man clean-up of the river as he goes.

Drying out feet and tent

Gordon Dam at the end of the St. Croix Flowage

Homemade apple pie, a gift from Jim and Lois Chandler

Pad2Mad, a real funghi

Thanks for listening, and be sure to join us on the gravity-assisted run to Lake Superior. (That’s unless a boulder leaps in front of your canoe.)

Jingles, for Corey

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14 Responses to Off the Saint Croix and Onto the Brule, or Onwards and Downwards

  1. Craig Johnson says:

    Way to go Corey!

  2. Way to go Corey !! Hope to see you on Mad Is.

  3. P.K. says:

    Dude, you are going to be so pumped up from that paddle. I will have to take you out with me and get in some bar fights. . . . . or we could just go fishing. I am so impressed that you are carrying the banner for all us old goats. Well done. I have wanted to meet up with you, but site prep and tree planting at the farm has taken most of my time. Will you be goin’ to Greg’s , first wknd in June? Hope to catch up to you soon


  4. That looks like an awful lot of angry water – some xanax might be in order to calm things down. Ellen

  5. dale Wiehle says:

    Atta boy Corey. Don’t get to comfortable at the Carlson cabin. Maybe Dan should make you eat and sleep outside. See you on the island

  6. Ted Young says:

    Great stuff Corey!. You’re my hero, and the hero as well for all the other old goats who are tuned in and who enjoy seeing someone create a proper goal/dream and then go about actually doing it. And doing it with elan and class. Hope to see you on the Island if I can figure out when you’ll get there. Have I missed something–is there a schedule somewhere? Will there be a book? Ted Young

  7. Matt Howe says:

    Love it! Sounds like the adventure is going great! I am so jealous. Have a great rest of the trip, downstream!

  8. Julie Young says:

    What I don’t understand is how you can be doing all this he-man stuff and still look so pretty doing it! Great photos. It’s so fun to be following along. You’re doing such a good thing for all of us. Follow your dreams, Dude.

    XO From yer pal, Julie

  9. Julie Young says:

    I LOVE that poem. Had it on my wall all through high school. It does seem the perfect offering for Corey’s trip. Thanks for posting it.


  10. Carol Baierl says:

    Great job, Corey! I am so impressed, and hope the inclement weather has been somewhat avoiding you. Paul’s family cabin is not far from the Flowage, near Minong, on Lake Nancy. Wish I had thought to tell you where the key was, but it might have been a very long portage. we haven’t been up there this spring yet; too much homework! There is a dam near Lake Nancy, but I believe the Gordon Dam must be further north. Enjoy gravity!

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